When it comes to audiology services, you can be sure to get the whole package with Shanaaz Marlie Audiology. I understand the difficulties and frustration that hearing loss may bring about. Through guided sessions and meaningful information counseling, you will come to understand your hearing loss and what this means moving forward.


Individualized Patient Care

One size does not fit all! Not in my practice. We all come with our own uncertainties, and expectations.


As your audiologist, I need to ensure that you understand your hearing (loss) and the various options that are available.

Information sharing is key!

Hearing Aids
Medical Chambers, N1 City

I am an independent practice and as such am not affiliated to any hearing aid company.


Hearing aids are chosen according to your specific hearing loss and listening needs.


With improved speech clarity and understaning, you will engage more confidently with your family and friends again.

No more missing out!

School visits
Hearing Tests
Tinnitus Counseling

Mild to moderate hearing losses in children are often times identified at a late age.

Late identification of any degree of hearing loss has an impact on the child's social, emotional and educational development.

School screening programmes are thus a means to have your child's hearing screened prior to commencing formal learning, i.e.

Grade R / Grade 1.

In-house ENT referrals

Audiologists work very closely with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists.


As an extra convenience to your appointment, we will always try our best to book your check-ups on the same day.

Full diagnostic hearing testing is done in a soundproof booth.

The testing procedure usually takes up to 25-30 minutes.

English and Afrikaans speech testing is done.

Zzzzzing! Buzzzz! 


What is that humming noise?


The ringing/buzzing noise in the ear is called Tinnitus. 


A Tinnitus Re-training Therapy programme is used to minimise the effects that this annoying sound may bring about.

Charity Programmes

My aim is to carry out at least one hearing screening programme per year at any needy home- childrens' home or old age homes.

This year, I managed to screen all the children at the Vision Child and Youth Centre, consisting of 50 residents, ranging between the ages of 3 years to 18 yearsof age.

The 5 children who failed the screening examinations were seen at the practice for full diagnostic testing.

We are awaiting sponsorships for two children who are need of hearing instruments.


Healthy Hearing = Happy Learning